Our Drill


Aggressive Drilling is presently running Zinex A5 drills, one of
the most recognized diamond core drills worldwide. Currently
Aggressive Drilling has ten drills operating in Saskatchewan.
The Zinex A5 drills are capable of depths down to 1400 meters
and are helicopter portable.

Drill Move Guidelines

For moving the Zinex Model A5 Diamond Drill with helicopter support the following is a recommended guideline in order of disassembly. Prior to commencing with the drill move ensure all hydraulic lines between the components being removed have been disconnected and capped/plugged as necessary.

Prior to drill move ensure all applicable pins and fasteners have been prepped for removal and remove with applicable component. Disconnect drive shaft, throttle cable, engine wire harness and fuel supply.

  •  Remove stinger
  • Remove mud tank and pump
  • Remove Head
  • Remove Feed Frame (with foot clamp and lower cylinder still attached)
  • Remove Feed skid (with hoist winch, feed frame rest and wire line winch and raise cylinders attached)
  • Remove engine
  • Remove Hydraulic stand (to reduce weight you may remove side panels, drain fluid and send hose umbilical with head)
  • Remove Hydraulic skid


Stinger (with rollers / steel mounts & pulleys)             Weight 350lbs

Mud tank (435 pump and skid)            Weight 650lbs

Head (HQ)            Weight 1000lbs

Feed frame (with saddle, rails, rollers, cylinder & foot clamp)           Weight 1500lbs

Feed Skid (with frame stand, Rotzler, raise cylinders, wire line)           Weight 1200lbs

Engine          Weight 1550lbs

Hydraulic stand (with tank)         Weight 1400lbs

Engine / Hydraulic Skid         Weight 500lbs